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How to solve FGP alarm problem for Magnetic Flowmeters?

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Update time : 2019-07-02 10:00:00
1. Please check the pipe material, if the pipe is nonconducting, you require to do grounding.
2. Under working conditions, press the third button (from the left to the right) to find the value of MTP. If the value of MTP is less than 500, that's no problem, if the value is more than 500, which means that the fluid conductivity is low. Then you can input password 19818 to enter to parameter setting, the operation below: After you enter the parameter setting, pls page down to find "Mtsnsr Trip", the parameter displayed upper line is real MTP, and the parameter displayed bellow is the “Mtsnsr trip” that should be set. The value of  “Mtsnsr trip” should be set as the value which is higher by 300-500 than MTP value (For example:  “Mtsnsr trip” value = MTP value + 300). After finish the setting above, pls save then test again.
3. Please check if the pipe is full of fluid or if there is bubble in the fluid.
4. Please help us check how to give pipe pressure to make the water flow.

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