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Operation and Installation

How to install a Insertion electromagnetic flow meter?

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Update time : 2019-04-13 17:19:04

MEGAMF4000 insertion type magnetic flow meters can be installed and removed via a 2” ball valve without system shutdown. This structure can be used for applications which require the access hole in the pipe to be drilled through the valve using a wet tap drilling machine while the hydronic system is pressurized and operating.

What's the advantages for the insertion electromagnetic flow meters?

Insertion magnetic flow meter structure drawing

Insertion magnetic flow meter structure configuration based on the rated pressure and converters type.

Insertion magnetic flow meter specifications


Installation site selection

Warning: Insertion flow meters may be installed in pipes which are under high pressure. Accidents with these systems can cause serious injury. Only persons experienced withhigh pressure systems and related knowledge in the heating, cooling and fluid metering fields should attempt to install, adjust, or remove the flow meter.

For best results, install the flow meter in a straight run of pipe, free of bends, tees, valves, transitions, and obstructions.

Straight run requirements vary based on the nature of the upstream obstruction. See the table below for guidelines in determining min upstream straight run requirements based on the nature of the obstruction.

Please open the step-by-step electromagnetic flow meter installation for the detailed installation process