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Operation and Installation

Installation Requirements for Electromagnetic Flowmeters

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Update time : 2017-03-08 15:28:00

1. Correct Mounting Point

Correct mounting point is important for the installation of a flowmeter. Wrong point may influence measuring accuracy or flowmeter service life, or even damage the flowmeter. The axis for measuring electrode shall be approximate to horizontal direction. (Angle with horizontal line shall be no more than 10°)

At flowmeter upstream, there should be straight pipe no less than 5D and no less than 2D at flowmeter downstream. (D is the inner diameter of the flowmeter)


2. Requirements for Measuring Flowmeter Accuracy

• Medium must be conductive;
• The pipe should be completely filled with the medium;
• Medium conductivity should be homogeneous to avoid severe disruption. If chemical substances need be injected into the pipe, the injection should be operated at upstream side of flowmeter;
• Magnetic flowmeter system should be connected to the ground if the pipe is insulative;
• There must be a straight pipe run no less than 5DN at flowmeter upstream and 2DN at flowmeter downstream. (DN is the internal diameter of the pipeline);
• Do not install the flowmeter near large electrical machine or transformer in order to avoid the electromagnetic interference.


3. Installation Condition

Do not expose the electronic unit box to direct sunlight; in case of outdoor installation, use a suitable protection shield.

• Install flowmeter at relative low of horizontal pipe or in an upward vertical direction. Do not install the flowmeter at the highest point of the pipe and in the vertically downward direction

• Install flowmeter at the rising pipe

• For installing at open pipe, flowmeter should be installed at relative low. If the fall in the pipe is more than 5m, vent valve should be installed at the sensor downstream where it should have back pressure

• Control valve and stop valve should be installed at the downstream of sensor and not at the upstream side.

• Sensor should be installed at the outlet of pump and not at the inlet

• meter installation in a measuring well:

4. Grounding

If the pipeline connected with sensor is insulative, grounding will be needed.