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Compact type Electromagnetic flowmeter converter (MEGAMC411B)

Item No.: 9
MEGA-411B Series converter is designed for the magnetic flow meter sensor from DN3 to DN3000. It supports pulse output, 4-20mA output, Modbus RTU RS485, HART, GPRS.
Description Basic Circuit LCD Display

Basic Functions

■  Low-frequency square-wave exciting, exciting frequency: 1/16 power frequency, 1/20power frequency, 1/25 power frequency;
■  High-frequency square-wave exciting, exciting frequency: 1/2 power frequency (for grouting liquid measure);
■  Exciting current can be optional for 125mA, 187.5mA, 250mA, 500 mA;
■  No need to add empty pipeline measurement, and can measure continuously, alarm by fixed value;
■  Current speed range: 0.1 --- 15m/s, current speed resolution:0.5mm/s;
■  AC high-frequency switching power, range of voltage: 85VAC --- 250VAC;
■  DC 24V switching power, range of voltage: 20VDC --- 36VDC;
■  Network function: MODBUS, GPRS, PROFIBUS, HART communication interface (option);
■  English displaying mode, (other languages can be set);
■  Three integrator gross inside, respective register: Forward gross, reversal gross and minus value gross.

Especial function

■  Recording time when power turn-off, to record power broken time of instrument system automatically and recruit to count the missing flux;
■  Recording function of hour gross, to record the flux gross by hour, fit for timed measure;
■  Infrared handing telecontrol keyboardall the functions of far-untouched controlling converter.

Normal operating conditions

■  Ambient Temperature Ranges: –10~+60℃;
■  Relative Humidity:5%~90%;
■  Power Supply: 85~250V, 45~63Hz ( single-phase AC).
■  Dissipation Power: <20W( After connecting sensor)


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The converter can supply exciting current to the coil in the sensor of electromagnetic flow meters, the head amplifier amplifies the electromotive force from the sensor and converts it into standard signals of current or frequency so that the signals can be used for displaying, controlling and processing. See structure of converter circuit shown as below.



When measuring, pressing down “Compound Key + Enter” will appear password of changing state, base on distinction of secrecy, and change the password as we provide. Then pressing “Compound Key + Enter” again, and you can enter the state of setting parameter. If want to return to the running state, push “Enter” for several seconds.