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MEGAVF7000-F Series flange

Flange Vortex Flowmeter (MEGAVF7000-F)

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MEGAVF7000 Series is a Vortex flowmeter based on Von Karman principle of vortices generated by a bluff body in the pipe. The number of vortices are linearly proportional to the volumetric flow in the pipe.
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MEGAVF7000 Series is a Vortex flowmeter based on Von Karman principle of vortices generated by a bluff body in the pipe. The number of vortices are linearly proportional to the volumetric flow in the pipe.
MEGAVF7000 Series is versatile flowmeter widely used for Gases, Steam  Liquid applications. There are no moving parts and comes with either flange or wafer connection.  


  • Simplified setup and self-diagnostic functions
  • Auto. Temperature & Pressure compensation
  • Either 4-20mA or Pulse output for your selection
  • Available with Modbus and HART protocol
  • Wide temperature range up to 320
  • Available in wafer, flanged, and high pressure designs.

Vortex Flow Meters - Principle of Operation

Vortex Flow Meters use the Von Karman Effect to measure the rate of flow of a fluid or gas.

What is the Von Karman Effect?

Early in the 20th century, a Hungarian-American mathematician and physicist, Theodore von Karman, discovered that a fluid or gas flowing perpendicularly pass a bluff body would generate alternating vortices on both sides of the body.  The path of these vortices is called the Von Karman Street.


Von Karman found that if the frequency of these vortices was measured, that the frequency is proportional to the flow velocity that is generating the vortices. This frequency is called the Karmen Vortex Frequency. The relationship of the fequency and the flow velocity can be mathematically expressed with the following formula:

Vortex Formula (3)

From the equation, we can see that the frequency is proportional to the velocity. If we can measure the frequency (f), know the Strouhal number (St), know the shedder bar width (d); we can solve for v (velocity).

Vortex Formula 2 (1)

What are the advantages of using Vortex Flow Meters?

  • High Accuracy

The accuracy of the vortex flow meter is ±1~1.5% (pulse output) of the indicated value for both liquids and gases and is higher compared to orifice flow meters. For liquids, an accuracy of ±0.75% is available depending on the fluid type and their conditions.

  • Wide Rangeability

Rangeability is defined as the ratio of maximum value to min. value of the measureable range. It is braod rangeability the allows vortex flow meters to operate in processes where the measuring point may fluctuate greatly.

  • Output is Proportional to Flow Rate

Since the output is directly proportional to the flow rate (flow velocity), no square root calculation is needed, while orifice flow meters require square root calculations.

  • No Zero-point Fluctuation

Since frequency is poutput from the sensor, zero-point shift does not occur.

  • Minimal Pressure Loss

Since only the vortex shedder is placed in the pipe of the vortex flow meter, the fluid pressure loss due to the small restriction in the flow piping is small compared with flow meter a having an orifice plate.

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Medium Liquid, Gas, Steam
Size 15, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 150, 200, 250, 300
Nominal Pressure 1.6MPa, 2.5MPa, 4.0MPa, High pressure can be customized
Accuracy Liquid: ±1.0% reading
Gas, Steam: ±1.5% reading/±1.0% reading
Range ratio 1:10;1:15;1:20
Sensor Material SS304 (Standard), SS316/SS316L (Option)
Use environment Medium temperature: -40℃~+250℃ / -40℃~+320℃
Ambient temperature: -20℃~+60℃
Relatively humidity: 5%~95%
Atmospheric pressure: 86Kpa ~ 106 Kpa
Power Supply 24VDC
Built in 3.1V10AH lithium battery
Output Signal Pulse signal
Two-wire 4-20mA (HART is available)
Three-wire 4-20mA (RS485 is available)
Electrical interface M20x1.5 (Standard); 1/2’’NPTF (Option)
Ex-proof Flame proof: ExdIIBT6
Intrinsic safety: ExiaIICT5
Protection level IP65
Compensation Temperature compensation
Pressure compensation
Temperature & Pressure compensation
Connection DIN, ANSI, JIS Flanges


Required Straight Pipe Length

Reducer Type Vortex Flowmeter

Installation Style