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Operation and Installation

How to install a thermal mass flow meter under pressure?

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Update time : 2019-06-06 17:31:17

For insertion thermal mass flowmeter, Some of our clients still care about the installation method under flow and pressure in the pipe, this article will give you a step-by-step operation with GIF picture about the installation under pressure.

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1, Weld the socket on the pipe

1), Weld the MNPT 1/2” socket on the pipeline vertically. The socket should be vertical to the center line of the pipeline;
2), After welding, wrap 15-20 turns of PTFE sealing tape at the thread;

2, Preparation before drilling

1), Connect the 1/2” ball valve on the socket;
2), Connect the drilling machine on the ball valve and tighten the hole opener;
3), Open the ball valve and push the drilling machine rod to the bottom;
4), Rotate the sleeve until it stops

3, Drill a hole with the hot tap hole opener, Ø 13mm (± 0.5 mm).

1), Power the drilling machine and make the sleeve rotates about one revolution per minute;
2), It is strictly forbidden to use impact gear when drilling;
3), After drilling, unscrew the sleeve in a counterclockwise direction;
4), Before the sleeve is completely taken out, the pipe pressure will be flushed upwards. Please keep the distance. After removing the drilling rod, close the ball valve, unscrew the drilling machine, and the drilling work has finished.

4, Calculate the insertion depth. The sensor should be in the middle of the pipe area, insertion depth S=A/2+B+C. Please refer to the picture below

A: Inner diameter of the pipeline
B: Thickness of the pipeline
C: The distance between the top of the pipeline and the upper end of the nut when the nut is fixed


5, Insert the thermal mass flow meter sensor

1), Wrap 15-20 turns of PTFE sealing tape at the thread;

2), Connect the flow meter sensor with the ball valve and tighten the sleeve, the ball valve is under closed;

3), Open the ball valve, insert the flow meter into the exact position, and tighten the sleeve to prevent pop-up.

For more information about our thermal mass flow meter, please check the Thermal Mass Flow Meter.